Materials Management

In today’s manufacturing environment, OEM’S are faced with continuing challenges involving production and relationships to supplier locations.  The logistics of material flow, communication, sequencing, and the return of transport items require substantial coordination to meet production demand.  At AIAG, through volunteer efforts of the OEM’s and suppliers, their collaborative efforts have developed several products and services to harmonize processes across the automotive industry for its members to utilize addressing logistical challenges.


A supplier self assessment and continuous improvement tool that improves materials management.

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Electronic Data Interchange

A standard set of formats and protocols for effective and efficient electronic commerce.

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Purchasing & Management Cert

An in-depth understanding of supply chain topics and issues with a certificate program at Wayne State University.

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Free Online Assessment

Test your Supply Chain Management knowledge by taking our free online assessment. The MMLKA covers key areas such as Basic Concepts, Inventory Management, Inbound/Outbound Logistics, International Trade and Customs and more.

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This guide serves as an aid for automotive suppliers in the development of their business continuity programs and can be adapted for small, medium and large organizations. It can also be used to validate an existing business continuity program.

Recommended practices for managing the information driving long-distance supply chains.

Version 4 of the M-6 handbook provides best practices and requirements for designing and implementing an Optimum Shipping and Receiving System (OS/RS) to improve the safety and efficiency of delivering parts from suppliers to automotive plants.

By using the Materials Off-Shore Sourcing document individuals can assess and improve their supply chain logistics in the overall timing, consistency, compliance and costs of off-shore sourcing in a just-in-time environment through transportation lanes.

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