Child Labor

Industry Statement on Child Labor (U.S.)

In light of recent legislative changes to state labor laws in the United States, AIAG and its member companies are reaffirming the industry’s position on child labor and young workers. As stated in the Automotive Industry Guiding Principles to Enhance Sustainability Performance in the Supply Chain (2022), also referred to as the Guiding Principles, the industry standard for global legislative compliance:

  • Child Labor/Labour and Young Workers: Suppliers must observe the minimum employment age in their business activities and throughout their supply chain in accordance with the ILO Minimum Age Convention and shall ensure that child labor/labour is not tolerated in any form.

Additional information is provided in the Automotive Sustainability Practical Guidance (2022):

  • Child labor/labour is not tolerated. The age of employment for young workers must meet or exceed company guidelines and local labor/labour laws.
  • The use of legitimate workplace apprenticeship and student learning programs which comply with all applicable laws and regulations are supported.
  • To ensure proper management of student workers, suppliers should maintain accurate student records and protect students’ rights in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Suppliers must not employ young workers for any hazardous work, nighttime or overtime work, or work that is inconsistent with the young worker’s personal development. Personal development includes a young worker’s health or physical, mental or social development. Young workers must, at all times, be protected from violence and abuse. Where a young worker is employed, the best interest of the young worker should be a primary consideration.

The Guiding Principles define common expectations and requirements of the signatories for their suppliers and are referenced in your customers’ terms and conditions, Codes of Conduct, Supplier ESG/Sustainability Requirements or other customer policies. Be sure to get your copies of the Guiding Principles and supplementary Practical Guidance documents today, and check out related resources, assessments, training, and more, to get started.

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