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Global MMOG/LE - Version 4

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Expanding global economic challenges & vehicle demand fluctuation have caused the auto industry to focus on supply chain management issues such as customer requirements, capacity constraints, contingency planning, sub-tier capability, resource allocation, and employee skills. A common tool was needed to help suppliers improve materials management processes. MMOG/LE is a supplier self-assessment & continuous improvement tool that boosts materials management efficiency & accuracy while reducing costs from error & waste. The tool provides industry best practices, establishes a common definition of materials practices to facilitate effective communication between trading partners, and is now the global standard for supply chain management processes. MMOG/LE Version 4 features Full and Basic assessments, allowing suppliers to select the tool that best meets their needs. One purchase per site location. Please note: Translated PDF files for Chinese, German, French, Korean, Portuguese, Turkish & Spanish are included

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Publication Date March 2015
Version 4.1
Product Code M7-4
Category SUPCHN

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