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AIAG CQI-30 Rubber Molding Assessment - Application with Integration into your QMS

Understand the requirements of the CQI-23 Special Process: Molding Assessment and how CQI-23 integrates into your existing quality management system. Learn where these requirements fit in, and how to strategize the inclusion of these audits into the business system and your organization's existing QMS processes.

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7/11/2024 - 7/12/2024 8:00AM - 5:00PM Live Virtual English 19 $775.00 ($975.00)
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10/28/2024 - 10/29/2024 8:00AM - 5:00PM Southfield, USA English 20 $775.00 ($975.00)
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Course Information

Understand the requirements of the CQI-30 Special Process: Rubber Molding Assessment and how CQI-30 integrates into your existing quality management system. Learn where these requirements fit in, and how to strategize the inclusion of these audits into the business system and your organization's existing QMS processes.

 Learn to apply the CQI-30 assessment to your technology for Rubber Molding

 Strategize your audit preparation or audit execution in the event of supplier audits to the CQI

 Integrate the requirements into things you are already doing to make sure you do not unnecessarily burden your organization if this is a new Customer Specific Requirement

During this 2-day training receive a 360-degree view of the CQI as it relates to other guidance documents like the IATF and Core Tools, so that you can plan your integration more effectively. Gain a working knowledge of typical things an organization can show to prove compliance for each area of the assessment, and for auditors .things to look for so that you do not waste time creating unnecessary proof and a sustainability framework to make your work more efficient so that you can leverage your most precious resource.

Following this 2-day training you will gain:

 A working structural knowledge of the assessment including how the pieces fit into the larger picture

 A detailed knowledge of what you can show to achieve conformance to the special assessment

 A working knowledge of auditing and organizational integration for this assessment


 Working knowledge of the technical aspects of the organizations rubber operations 

 Working knowledge of the QMS for the organization under consideration 

 Working knowledge of core tools, including FMEA, MSA and SPC at a minimum 

 Experience Auditing to the IATF (system and process Audits)

Who Should Attend:

Technical experts that will be carrying out the CQI Assessment 

Supplier Auditors that will be performing the CQI assessments on behalf of their company 

Internal Auditors whose Customer Specific Requirements mandate the use of the Assessment. 

Quality professionals tasked with implementing the CQI-30 within their organization 

 Ensure the correct interpretation of the requirements of the CQI-30 "Special Process: Rubber Molding"

 Understand how the CQI-30 integrates into your existing QMS 

 Develop an awareness of how you can apply CQI-30 to your own organization or a supplier's organization 

 Understand the essential requirements of CQI-30 and identify possible ways of proving you (or your supplier) achieved it (evidence);

 Guide internal auditors on the main aspects associated with a CQI audit for special processes.

Day 1 

 What is a CQI and where does it fit within the QMS 

 How is the CQI structured 

 What are the ACTUAL requirements 

 WSA- The Systems Assessment  

Day 2 

 Process Specific tables

 Planning for Stability 


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