(IMDS) International Material Data System

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The International Material Data System (IMDS) is the automobile industry's material data system. All materials used for manufacturing automobiles are collected, maintained, analyzed and archived into IMDS. A global standard used by almost all of the global OEMs, IMDS is used to meet the obligations placed on auto manufacturers by national and international standards, including their laws and regulations.

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This course is designed to ensure users are familiar with all aspects of the IMDS system. Students will receive hands on instructions on how to build, receive and submit data related to ongoing customer requests.

An extension of the IMDS Basic Concepts and Application course, this course helps you understand the regulations and anticipate their impact on your business. Students will receive hands on instruction on how to utilize IMDS’ more complicated features, such as Chemistry Manager, Where Used Analysis, MDS Update and MDS Request.

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The changes in reporting glass, ceramic and enamel materials and how to use the stochiometric analysis to convert a list of ingredients - to the end state material, while still tracking any declarable substances on GADSL.

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