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The Guiding Principles are based on fundamental principles of social, environmental and governance responsibility that are consistent with applicable laws and international standards, which may include the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, ILO Conventions, OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, as well as the Paris Agreement.

The Guiding Principles define common expectations of the signatories for their suppliers. To fulfil the Guiding Principles, automotive suppliers should implement a management system/s – defined as a combination of policies, processes, functions, tools and internal controls – that help an organization to control its operations, reach objectives and ensure continuous improvement. The recommendations concerning the practical application of the Guiding Principles are outlined in the Practical Guidance.

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Automotive Industry Guiding Principles

This reference document for suppliers aims to address the latest trends and industry expectations on supply chain sustainability.


Automotive Sustainability Practical Guidance

This has also been updated to better reflect the current practicalities and legalities of meeting these industry expectations.

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Sustainability matters beyond individual companies and the forward-thinking Guiding Principles speak to the industry’s commitment, collaboration and continued necessity to speak with one voice across the automotive supply chain.

Business Unit Lead Mike Lapham | Honda Development & Manufacturing of America, LLC (HDMA)

Collaboration History (Dating back to 2008)

  • 2022 CTSA Data

    Automotive Industry Guiding Principles + Practical Guidance

    Launched By: Collaboration between AIAG and Drive Sustainability

    Today, we are migrating from ‘aspirational guidance’ to an industry standard for global legislative compliance.

  • 2017 CTSA Data

    Automotive Industry Guiding Principles + Practical Guidance

    Updated By: Collaboration between AIAG and Drive Sustainability

    Additional clarity was added in the Practical Guidance document.

  • 2014 CTSA Data

    Automotive Industry Guiding Principles

    Launched By: Collaboration between AIAG and CSR Europe

    The scope increased to include Environmental Standards and Business Ethics for the US and Europe.

  • 2011 CTSA Data

    Corporate Responsibility Guiding Statements

    Updated By: Ford, GM, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota & AIAG

    Other OEMs joined the effort to reach a broader section of the supply chain.

  • 2008 CTSA Data

    Global Working Conditions Guidance Statements

    Launched By: Ford, GM, Chrysler, & AIAG

    OEMs created aspirational guidance to align the industry on basic working conditions.

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