Common Reporting Tools

Online Compliance Solution Requirements

As preparedness is paramount to compliance, AIAG has collaborated with member company volunteers and other stakeholders to understand the requirements of key global legislation intended to prevent forced labor in the supply chain. Together, we have identified necessary reporting system features to assist companies in furthering their value chain due diligence and meeting expectations.

The AIAG team is excited to highlight these essential online tool requirements as a potential starting point for companies investigating relevant third-party providers.

  • Offers ability to identify additional resources for high-risk supplier management
    • audits
    • other
  • Engage with sub-tier suppliers to assess sustainability practices and potential risks.
  • Ability to engagement contracted suppliers and next-tier sub-tier suppliers to collect evidence
    • Verify evidence provided by sub-tier suppliers to substantiate self-declaration.
  • Ability to demonstrate remediation of a targeted supplier
  • Ability to create of chain of custody documentation for sub-tier relationships
  • Functionality to align due diligence data collected
  • Ability to manage ongoing data collection, screening and risk identification
  • Map a supply chain from raw material to finished product/component; verification of product origin
  • Ability to obtain supplier details:
    • supplier location
    • headquarter location
    • component information
    • commodity
    • sector
    • number of sub-suppliers
    • scoring risk indicator ('red flag indicator')
  • Utilizes AI or machine learning to obtain additional data sources
    • media/media alerts
    • Sanctions listings
    • financial data
    • real estate holdings
    • other
  • Ability for suppliers to input data once, then share with other requestors
  • Maintains supplier anonymity, with strict conditions for release
  • List server locations
  • Offers a free trial
  • Provides supplier ability to control their data, approve data sharing and ability to revoke all data
  • Provides an Enterprise Certification of Use
  • Provides help resources during business hours, globally
  • Provides system training
  • Features translation options
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese
    • Chinese
    • Japanese
    • Italian
    • German
    • French
    • Other
  • Ability to house special language characters
  • List of sectors in which product is applicable
    • automotive/mobility
    • heavy equipment
    • Aerospace
    • semi-conductors
    • home appliance
    • other
  • Ability to import/export/interface data with existing systems and automation via APIs, etc.

AIAG Preferred Providers

As preparedness is paramount to compliance, AIAG is also utilizing the Online Compliance Solution Requirements to identify software platforms as a potential starting point for companies investigating relevant third-party providers. More providers will be added soon.

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Use SUPPLIERASSURANCE to deliver defensible due diligence.
Be ready with the evidence you need to get a detained shipment released.

  • Digital by default - Map a product from raw material to finished product
  • Supply chain traceability - Be proactive and manage risks
  • Continuous due diligence - Monitor supply chain compliance on an ongoing basis
  • CBP compliant evidence set - Evidence there's been no forced labor

Note: This information is not intended to be a substitute for a rigorous analysis of your company’s supply chain due diligence process. Please be sure to select the tools and resources that best meet your team’s needs.