Health & Safety

Health care costs continue to rise year over year at alarming rates, while improvements in the quality of health care and safety have been slow to materialize. There are many proven strategies from other industries which have been proven effective in lowering costs, yet their adoption has been the exception, not the rule. AIAG has worked for the past few years to prove that quality management and process improvement tools can be transferred effectively from the automotive industry to health care programs in our respective companies. Now, it is time to start leveraging our collective power as purchasers to speed the adoption of these practices to improve the safety, quality and cost effectiveness of health care.

Currently, AIAG is working collaboratively with human resource and benefit professionals from automotive OEMs and suppliers, leveraging their economy of scale as purchasers of health care to influence the market place as well as make improvements in employee engagement. The team is focusing on driving transparency and improvements in cost, quality and safety to maximize the value of health care investments. Together, members aim to improve the value of health care delivered to their respective employees, family members and retirees with a focus on the implementation of best practices.

  • A “Commitment to Safety” letter to the industry from the VPs
  • Share simple best practices from both the OEM’s and supply base
  • Suggest each AIAG board member company contributes at least 1 safety best practice
  • Best practices available on the AIAG website for public access

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