Industry Collaboration

Who is Engaged?

As one of the largest and most diverse global automotive and mobility industry networks, AIAG members include OEMs, suppliers, service providers, government agencies, and universities, all committed to working collaboratively on solutions for issues common to global supply chains. Professionals associated with these member companies volunteer at AIAG by engaging with specialized committees and work groups focused on developing the next generation of industry standards and best practices.

In addition to collaborating with AIAG members to address industry supply chain issues, the AIAG Responsible Materials Work Group (RMWG) actively engages other associations, business consortia, and NGOs to expand our capabilities and identify opportunities to address responsible materials in the automotive supply chain.

Responsible Materials Work Group

AIAG’s Responsible Materials Work Group recently expanded to assist with raw materials sourcing beyond conflict minerals to comply with regulatory influences (US, EU, China, and others) plus non-legislated materials (e.g., cobalt, mica). The following AIAG subgroups actively engage industry and global stakeholders to fulfill the mission of the work group.

  • AIAG Smelter Engagement Team (SET) - Conducts outreach encouraging new & existing smelters/refiners to participate in smelter audits.
  • Global Requirements and Raw Materials Sourcing Subgroup - Monitors global factors impacting reporting requirements and the inclusion of other materials, including 3TG and beyond, that impact industry.
  • Supplier Communication Subgroup - Develops strategies for RMWG stakeholder and supplier outreach; identifies potential target audiences and communication opportunities (e.g., events, training, media, etc.) and creates/supports development of tools & resources for common processes to assist companies in their reporting.

These companies are participating in this work group:


Current Participants

  • Aptiv
  • American Axle & Manufacturing, Inc.
  • B Cubed Consulting, Inc.
  • Cooper-Standard Automotive
  • Cummins, Inc.
  • DENSO International America, Inc.
  • DXC Technology
  • Stellantis
  • Ford Motor Company
  • General Motors Company
  • Honda of America Mfg. Inc.
  • ITW-Illinois Tool Works
  • Lear Corporation
  • Robert Bosch LLC
  • RSJ Technical Consulting
  • Tenneco, Inc.
  • Toyota Motor North America
  • Visteon Corporation

Program Management: Corporate Responsibility Team - (248) 358-3570

RMWG New Member Application Survey

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Benefits of Engagement

Volunteering on the AIAG Responsible Materials Work Group (RMWG) provides the unique opportunity to make your voice heard and participate in a work group on equal footing with customers, suppliers, and competitors. Supply chain industry experts come together in this group to tackle responsible materials issues and challenges, and influence widely used materials reporting content guidelines, standards, and documents that impact the way we do business every day. This work group is actively evaluating multiple solutions to provide work group members access to key documents and resources obtained and/or created by the work group. We focus on:

  • Increased transparency of minerals sourcing within the automotive supply chain
  • Identification & prioritization of key minerals
  • Harmonized approaches
  • Understanding global compliance
  • Smelter engagement
  • Sharing best practice

We encourage OEMs and suppliers to join their peers in learning and sharing best practices!

RMWG New Member Application Survey

To join the Responsible Materials Work Group and learn more about our industry initiatives, take the New Member Survey below to nominate your company.



AIAG’s Responsible Materials Work Group (RMWG) embodies one of the best examples of industry collaboration. Since 2010, AIAG members representing OEMs, tier 1 suppliers, tier suppliers, service providers and professional firms have come together to increase minerals reporting more efficiently in the supply chain. Together, the RMWG has made significant contributions from creating awareness across the supply chain and educating current/new supply chain professionals, to building stakeholder relationships and developing resources for implementation. The work of AIAG and the RMWG have helped to establish the automotive industry as a leader in responsible minerals reporting.

To learn more about AIAG and RMWG accomplishments – past, present and future – be sure visit all sections of the Responsible Materials webpages.