Greenhouse Gas Reporting

The automotive industry’s manufacturing and logistics operations produce large quantities of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Although the majority of OEMs and suppliers voluntarily report emissions, these emissions are being regulated by a growing number of regions and countries, and are being asked for and reviewed by many non-governmental organizations and financial firms. These assessments are being done to determine the impact that GHG emissions may have on a company’s operations and its public perception.

OEM’s globally request GHG & qualitative information from hundreds of business partners to publically report their carbon footprinting. The benefits of reporting can lead to cost savings & energy efficiencies. AIAG’s Greenhouse Gas Workgroup developed a training session to increase suppliers awareness of reporting GHG emissions. The next phase for the Greenhouse Gas Workgroup is to focus on emission reduction. OEM’s will partner with suppliers to share best practices. The lessons learned and processes implemented will set a foundation for other elements of environmental sustainability such as water and waste.

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