Corporate Responsibility in the Decade Ahead

It all began with a question: What corporate responsibility and sustainability (CR/S) issues will the automotive industry encounter over the next decade?

Based on this inquiry, we launched a multipart research project to explore how current and emerging CR/S trends will impact the future of automotive – both for individual organizations, and the industry as a whole.

We began by conducting interviews with a small group of opinion leaders, we then created an online survey and shared it across the global supply chain. Next, we analyzed results from nearly 900 respondents – largely comprised of both seasoned and younger mid-level managers. We then conducted a final round of qualitative interviews to gain further insights, clarify interpretations and prioritize information.

Corporate Responsibility in a Transitioning Industry Report

The “Corporate Responsibility in a Transitioning Industry” report is the end result of these efforts. Within its pages, we offer the most relevant data points, key takeaways and calls to action to inform and support your organization’s CR/S programs and practices.

Begin your journey here, by downloading and reading our report. Then, assess your organization’s current CR/S strengths using our short and simple self-assessments, linked below. Finally, let us know how we can help, by contacting us at

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Step 2 - Assess your Strengths

The free assessments will gauge employee perception of a company's success in:

  • Championing CR/S at executive levels
  • Integrating CR/S within the company culture
  • Collaborating with stakeholders internal/external to the company
  • Communicating company CR/S internally and externally

Step 3 - How Can We Help?

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