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The CQI-12 Coating System Assessment 3rd edition was developed to provide much more detail on pyrometry requirements, including instrumentation, thermocouple checks, and temperature uniformity surveys, where appropriate. Additional updates include moving the equipment section into each process table to emphasize the critical equipment and specific requirements for each process, and to simplify the audit flow by keeping it all together.

Pass and Fail has been changed to Conforming and Non-Conforming as the team decided that "Fail" has a strong negative connotation and people are reluctant to select this option when conducting as self-assessment.

Lastly, an optional form builder function has been added to the downloadable Excel file for each process table to allow the assessor to replicate the actual process flow of the plating line, step by step.

These companies are participating in this special process:


Current Participants

  • Acadian Group of Companies
  • Atotech USA, Inc.
  • Control Services, Inc.
  • Coventya, Inc.
  • Curtis Metal Finishing Co.
  • Dana Incorporated
  • Doerken Corporation
  • Fintex, LLC
  • General Motors
  • Henkel Corporation
  • Magni Industries
  • Metalast International, Inc.
  • Modern Plating Corporation
  • NOF Metal Coatings North America
  • Shape Corporation
  • Toyota

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