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Automotive Warranty Management (CQI-14)

Guideline drives consumer satisfaction and warranty improvement.

The Automotive Warranty Management: A Guideline for Industry Best Practices (CQI-14) publication is designed to promote advances in consumer satisfaction and continuous warranty improvement by providing a recommended, robust warranty management program that instills a consumer-centric approach to warranty management by focusing on incident rate reduction.

The CQI-14 guideline includes references to current technologies being used in the automotive industry today – including software change management, vehicle telematics, and advanced analytics – along with steps partner organizations can take to proactively reduce warranty incident rates and risks associated with warranty events.

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The CQI-14 Automotive Warranty Assessment Training provides a best-practice approach for managing warranty processes with the consumer in mind.

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Guideline drives consumer satisfaction and warranty improvement by providing a robust warranty management program. The guideline provides an assessment tool, and No Trouble Found case studies to guide an organization to proactively reduce warranty incident rates associated with warranty events.

A series of transactions based on the ANSI 4010 standard version which includes the format for electronic filing of vehicle registration, warranty claim filing, response on submitted claims and pre-notice of pending product service notification.

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