Welding | CQI-15

The Special Process: Welding System Assessment 2nd edition (CQI-15) is a comprehensive audit covering all variations of welding intended to provide a common approach to a welding management system for automotive production and service part organizations. Now in its second edition, this document specifies process requirements for an organization or its suppliers performing applicable ferrous and non-ferrous metallic welding. Numerous updates have been made including incorporating the job audit questions into the Process Tables to reduce redundancy and to simplify the audit flow, and the addition of two additional processes: Fastener Projection Welding and Magnetically Impelled Arc Butt (MIAB) Welding.

These companies are participating in this special process:


Current Participants

  • Adient
  • Dana Incorporated
  • Delphi Corporation
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Gestamp Mason
  • General Motors Company
  • Magna International
  • Nexteer Automotive

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