Problem Solving

In 2015 AIAG’s Quality 2020 survey found that OEMs and suppliers rank problem solving as the most critical issue impacting quality. The study stated that over one-third of respondents felt there was significant potential for improvement in problem solving.

The AIAG Problem Solving work group determined there was an opportunity to improve the existing AIAG Effective Problem Solving documents. To start, CQI-21 Effective Problem Solving Leader Guide has been incorporated into the new CQI-20 Effective Problem Solving Guide, 2nd edition. Additionally, the team added guidance for the items that were identified as problematic in the industry survey. Each problem solving step now includes information on required inputs and outputs, step overview, tools, desired outcome, progress check questions, and expected executive support need to achieve a positive outcome for that section.

With the completion of CQI-20, 2nd edition, the Problem Solving work group is updating the AIAG Problem Solving training to ensure attendees are aware of and know how to implement all the necessary steps for effective problem solving.

These companies are participating in this work group:


Current Participants

  • Adient US LLC
  • Aptiv
  • Bridgewater Interiors LLC
  • Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.
  • Cooper Standard
  • General Motors Company
  • Harley-Davidson Motor Company
  • Supply Chain Services International, LLC
  • IAC Group
  • Lynn Consulting Group
  • NSK Americas
  • NXP Semiconductors
  • Schaeffler Group USA Inc.
  • Supply Chain Services International, LLC
  • TI Group Automotive Systems LLC
  • Twin City Die Castings Company
  • Volvo Group Trucks
  • Yazaki North America, Inc.

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This workshop will give attendees the tools necessary to work through real problems to identify root cause and complete the process of effective problem solving.

An efficient and effective methodology for determining, planning, verifying, and documenting corrective actions, using easily understood and implemented tools.

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This guideline supports organizational efforts to develop and implement a robust problem solving process that will improve problem descriptions, team member participation, qualitative methods for problem solving, and the ability to prioritize, analyze and review concerns, as well as ensure that steps are not skipped.

A comprehensive checklist of actions to be considered for each of the steps or phases of developing corrective and preventive actions to a problem.

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