(APQP) Advanced Product Quality Planning

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Control Plans reduce the complexity of product quality planning for customers and suppliers by allowing customers to easily communicate their product quality planning requirements to their suppliers. Suppliers gain an understanding of basic industry requirements for achieving part approval from their customer. 
Control Plans summarize the identified process and product parameters required to maintain product conformity. These tools are applicable throughout the supply base in all customer/supplier relationships.

Now the standard across many manufacturing sectors, APQP defines the required inputs and outputs of each stage of the product development process.

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Gaining a proficiency in APQP demonstrates an individual’s understanding of world class product quality planning and control plan guidelines. AIAG’s APQP training class takes you step-by-step through the automakers’ common requirements and what you need to do to achieve compliance.

Once you’ve received a good overview of the tools, procedures, and reporting requirements, AIAG’s APQP How-To Workshop crystallizes the relationship and flow between the processes.

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Want to make sure that the learning sticks? Keep AIAG’s APQP manual on hand as a reference guideline. The manual covers the majority of situations that occur in early planning, design, or process analysis phases.

Program Director: Scott A. Gray - AIAG - (248) 358-3570