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Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) FMEA is an analytical methodology used to ensure that potential problems have been considered and addressed throughout the product and process development process. Part of the evaluation and analysis is the assessment of risk. The important point is that a discussion is conducted regarding the design (product or process), review of the functions and any changes in application, and the resulting risk of potential failure.

One of the most important factors for the successful implementation of an FMEA program is timeliness. It is meant to be a “before-the-event” action, not an “after-the-fact” exercise. To achieve the greatest value, the FMEA must be done before the implementation of a product or process in which the failure mode potential exists. Up-front time spent properly completing an FMEA, when product/process changes can be most easily and inexpensively implemented, will minimize late change crises. Actions resulting from an FMEA can reduce or eliminate the chance of implementing a change that would create an even larger concern.

Ideally, the Design FMEA process should be initiated in the early stages of the design and the Process FMEA before tooling or manufacturing equipment is developed and purchased. The FMEA evolves throughout each stage of the design and manufacturing development process and may also be used in problem solving.

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This e-learning course is designed to establish the use of FMEAs and to help you learn the skills needed to practice risk reduction and defect prevention.

This course will teach you the skills to understand and use FMEAs and the concept of risk reduction and defect prevention.

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As an industry-wide standard, this reference manual clarifies questions concerning the technical development of both Design and Process FMEAs.

This manual supports the machinery (the term machinery as used in this manual applies to tooling and equipment also) design process from design development through design approval.

The DRBFM Reference Guide is intended to provide information and examples of procedures to implement DRBFM proficiency expectations at all levels of engineering and management.

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Certification by AIAG in FMEA confirms an individual's proficiency in failure mode and effects analysis techniques as defined in the FMEA reference manual.

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